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We work with any stage

Whether its doing the last few touches, or starting from scratch. We have tons of experience working on every type of project car. Each project is different and we strive to bring your dream into reality. Our techs bring the latest and greatest technology into your build and we take pride into everything we do. Our projects center around the following

  • Top Safety Technology
  • Most Optimal Drive Train
  • Comfortability and Ease of Use
  • Whatever you think would be cool!

No matter what project you bring us, we will provide a full quote on what is needed to get your paper weight into a lean, mean, driving machine!


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Our Past and Current Projects

The Mistress

The project car that started it all. This 1991 chevy Camaro has a 383 stroker shooting out 900 hp and 875 foot pounds of torque to the rear tires with a 13:1 compression ratio and a vortec supercharger installed with 12 pounds of boost and a 250 shot of nitrous. This car also has a slap shift transmission for those die hard manual drivers and the first ever Camaro to sport Lamborghini doors. 

The Punnisher

With its iconic "5150" code on both sides of the truck meaning crazy person on the loose. it sums up the point on the design in general. From gun muzzle style exhaust stacks to its flat black paint job. This 1992 International Eagle Pro Star has it all. It also was our first project to reach fame on Edlebrock'ss vehicle of the week as well!

Tow Mater

1957 International Harvester A120 Series Trucks with a 5.9L Cummins 12 valve with 700 hp and over 1800 lb ft of torque. Combined with the compound turbos at 96 lbs of boost @ WOT, this truck will be able to rescue anyone in need. This truck also has a custom chameleon paint job. no matter which way you look at it in the sunlight you'll see a different color every time.

Mini Mater

1984 GMC S15 modified to fit a 2.3l Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel with a 5 speed 4x4 transmission. This truck is also sporting a custom arctic camo with the camo leaf pattern being from actual leaves. This Truck was designed to be versatile from towing to rock crawling, to trail driving to even a daily driver. Its mini, but a mater for sure.

The C-10

This 1967 Chevy C-10 has been heavily modified to support its massive power plant. Powered by a Cummins 12 valve turbo diesel, the frame was beefed up to support the weight and torque that it produces. Combined with a full air bag suspension with 4 settings you can ride normal or ride low with this beast!

1957 Willy's Jeep

One of our many customer builds. This willys jeep owner had one important request. Make it original and set it up to be a daily driver. This was one of our more interesting builds. You may even see it driving around Kamloops to this day!


Our Biggest and most expensive projects to date! Shout out to COVID for making this project possible. Karma is a 1983 Buick Regal with a custom 6.0 L LS1 with twin turbos making 3000 horse power. The engineering to build this car has been our proudest achievement!  

1962 Chevy c-10 Trubo Diesel

Another customer project. With our experience with diesel swapped chevy c-10 trucks this customer contacted us about installing a Cummins 4BT with a GM4500 manual transmission into it. Extremely simple build but an amazing end product. If Cummins offered these power plants back in the day, Manufacturers would have definitely chosen them!

1931 Hudson Essex Super Six (Current Project)

Sitting for over 23 years, we couldn't pass this one up. Clean body, next to no rust and all original. Its early in the project to show off the end goal of it but we will keep you up to date as the days go by!